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Arsene Wenger – Is his Time up

After Arsenal’s 3-1 defeat to Bayern Munich, all but ending their Champions League hopes and with their struggles in both domestic cups, all rests on a top 4 finish.. Is that enough to save Wenger?

Being a avid fan of Manchester United my whole life, the less teams challenging us for the league the better. But also being a life long football fan I just cannot understand the intense scrutiny Arsene Wenger has been put under. Everyone is aware of the current trophy drought Arsenal are in, which looks like it may continue past this season and i can understand the fans disappointment, but thinking he should be sacked is farcical. This is the man who took over a team that were in a decline, and he turned their fortunes around almost immediately, bringing a lot of success while also playing sublime football. Winning 3 League Titles, 4 Fa Cups and 4 Community Shields. Not to mention creating the “Untouchables” team who went the 2003/04 Premier League season unbeaten.

Since Arsenal moved to the Emirates Stadium their success has waned. The cost of the stadium has stopped Arsenal from spending the sort of money that Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester United and Tottenham have. They have a set pay structure which helps them run their club excellently. All these teams are spending more on both transfer fees and wages than Arsenal, yet Arsenal are still competing for the top 4 spots year in year out. Also people seem to forget they finished in third place last year, behind only the two Manchester clubs. This ensured Champions League football for the 15th successive season, with only Manchester United boasting a better record than that.

Maybe when people think of the job Wenger is doing at Arsenal now, they should look towards Everton as a comparison. Nobody in football doubts what a great job David Moyes has, and still is doing at Goodison Park with little or no money. They have finished in the top 8 places in 7 of the last 8 years giving Moyes a legendary status at Everton. Their fans realise that Moyes is overachieving somewhat due to the restrictions imposed on their spending. Perhaps Arsenal fans should be thinking the same way with Wenger. When UEFA’s Financial Fair Play and The Premier Leagues Financial rules come into effect in the next few years Arsenal will be in a much stronger position to compete with the big spending clubs.  Arsenal fans need to be patient with Wenger, and show him the support and respect he deserves after his 17 years in charge. If they were to dismiss him in the summer than whom could they get to replace him?


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